About Me

Elli Lewis grew up in North London, the second of three sisters and, consequently, in a home that was bursting at the seams with shoes. As a teenager in the 90’s, she experimented with Sun In, wore a standard uniform of combat trousers and vest top and shed tears over the breakup of Take That.

She soon recovered and went on to study law before qualifying as a solicitor. In the course of her career, Elli has worked for some of the UK’s most prestigious law firms, representing a host of A-list clients.

Her time in the City gave her a unique insight into the deepest depths of high society and the dizzying heights of fame.

It was a world where pampered pooches roamed multi-million pound mansions and where ex-spouses had endless resources with which to wreak revenge; experiences that would later inspire her literary career.

In 2008, she went on to found a successful copywriting agency, with clients including national newspapers and media brands, including the BBC.

The books came later. Suffice to say that one day she started typing and never stopped. Indeed, Elli wrote Trophy Life, The Lottery Club and The Anti-Natals in the same year and published the first of them early in 2016.

Elli can now be found back in North London in the house she shares with two boisterous boys, one exhausted husband and a colossal Siberian cat. Her favourite pastimes are drinking coffee and sleeping, ideally at the same time.