The Lottery Club

A support group for lottery winners? It shouldn’t exist. It was just a PR exercise. An afterthought. Nobody was actually supposed to turn up. Why, after all, would millionaires need support?

But turn up they do, every Wednesday in a tired church hall in North London, among them an ex-builder, a model train fanatic, a well-spoken conman and now, downtrodden lawyer, Mark Jones.

The win is the worst thing that’s ever happened to Mark. His girlfriend, Jess, is unimpressed. Winning the lottery is common. And besides, £10 mil doesn’t buy much in Chelsea these days. Convinced by Jess to keep the windfall secret and a newly miserable owner of a double life, Mark joins this unlikely gang.

Together they bicker, drink tea and try to find meaning in their millions, blissfully unaware that their real problems are lurking around the corner. For someone is on a mission to end all their woes. Permanently.